About Rachel







Hey y’all! My name is Rachel and about 4 years ago I took my love for baking and turned it into your next ‘go to’ cupcake in Dallas! I was born and raised here and couldn’t imagine starting my business anywhere else. I graduated from Texas Tech University in the spring of 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional management. Experimenting in the kitchen growing up and throughout college is where my passion for baking absolutely took off. I hit the ground running with order after order for the past few years and there have been many LONG nights in the kitchen, covered in frosting, but I couldn’t imagine not waking up the next morning and doing it all again. When your doing what you love you never work a day in your life and I can honestly say I haven’t ‘worked’ a day since I started this venture. Nothing makes me happier than making someone else happy with something as simple as a cupcake.

Just in case you are wondering…Im asked ALL THE TIME how I got the name Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop, and NO I did not name it after the one hit wonder singer from the 90’s, or the boxer Sugar Ray Leonard (even though my cupcakes do pack a punch…funny? No?) BUT, needless to say, I have grown up with the nickname Ray my entire life so henceforth came Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop.

My cupcakes are unlike any other cupcake you will taste not just in Dallas, but anywhere! I use the best and highest quality ingredients, making sure that every cupcake you eat from Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop is the best one you have ever had. Some of my recipes have been passed down in my family for years and I can’t be more proud to be the one bringing these family recipes to life.

I stand apart from many of the other bakeries in the area due to my custom decorations. The custom chocolate toppers you will find at Sugar Ray’s are ALL hand made and can be tailored to your exact need, whether that be a specific theme, a name or a company logo.

I am currently located here in Dallas and I bake to order custom made cupcakes. I am always trying out new flavors and I am ALWAYS open to suggestions from you. Please feel free to give me a ring, shoot me a message or send me an email to talk about your next order!


Awards & Press

Finalist for Best Cupcake in Dallas-2011
Best Chocolate-Battle of the Bakers
Most Overall Delicious-Battle of the Bakers
2nd Place Best in Show-Cupcake Camp Dallas
2nd Place Best Frosting-Cupcake Camp Dallas

Dallas News: “Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop gives classic cupcakes a whimsical twist”